4X12 Raised Bed Garden (Concrete Blocks)

4X12 Raised Bed Garden (Concrete Blocks)
Raised Bed Garden complete with the Custom Garden Solutions nutrient rich Compost Blend filled to within 2 inches of the top of the bed. Approximately 20 inches high.

The cover in raised bed in image above is an optional add-on. 4x16 bed shown in image. Click on image for a larger view.

You can grow plants in the top walls by adding compost to the inside of the concrete blocks. Great for herbs, lettuce, spinach or other plants.

Included with Garden Installation:

  • Concrete blocks (higher than 20 inches optional).
  • Custom Garden Solutionís nutrient rich Compost Blend.
  • Initial garden design, site selection & one hour consultation including education on the plants, plant care and Q&A.
  • Initial planting with in season herbs and vegetables of your choice based on size of garden (optional).
  • Plant identification tags
  • Garden Question Hotline (60 Minutes).
  • YouTube video, newsletter and email reminders with tips, tutorials and other relevant gardening and nutrition news
  • Access to other optional solutions such as irrigation, rain barrel, trellis, maintenance services, cold frame, fencing, referral program, etc.