Maintenance & Services

Custom Garden Solutions provides everything from complete turnkey edible garden installations to al a carte services for any part of gardening, harvesting or maintenance and upkeep you may need to keep your garden thriving and producing nutritious, delicious organic veggies. So whether you want us to do everything or just need a little help we can create a Custom Garden Solution for you (pretty good name for a company eh?).

All of CGS’s services include free education, question answering and consultation. So invite your family, friends and neighbors. When we provide our services we will show you what we are doing, why we are doing it and answer any of your questions.

Our customers joke that we “Do Such a Good Job That You Fire Us”. By doing such a good job of consulting and educating our customers we often create self-sufficient client/gardeners who do not require us as much as they did prior to our partnership. We may lose a customer but we gain many amazing referrals from our “ex-customers” when they tell their friends, families and other potential CGS customers how much they loved what CGS provided to them.