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Why is Custom Garden Solutions (CGS) compost better than others? Not all compost is created equal. Custom Garden Solution provides 100 percent organic and contaminant-free compost. Unlike many of the other compost providers 100% of what we do is related to growing herbs and vegetables. We provide organic compost specially designed growing healthy, nutrient rich herbs and vegetables. You can also use our compost on your flowers, trees and lawns.

CGS’s compost is made from:
  • Green sources (leaves, grass, tree branches).
  • Vegetable scraps (about 15-20% ).
  • Horse manure from a local stable that is monitored and works to minimize any GMO’s or medications/antibiotics. The manure is aged and then hot composted to at least 140 degrees until it cools (sometimes a long as four months) and turned regularly to complete the composting process. This process means dramatically exceeds the FDA standard for this process (for food safety). Phoenix only.
  • Rock Dust- Mineralization of the compost is provided from a mining company near Flagstaff. Phoenix only.
Unlike many companies we do NOT provide Mushroom Compost. Click Here for What is Mushroom Compost. All pre-compost materials are inspected as required by the State to ensure it is 100% organic and free of contaminating substances. They are then combined in ratios best suited for creating nutrient rich organic compost and then shredded, spread out, watered, and stacked into windrows (rows of composting materials hundreds of feet long). The temperatures within the windrows can reach in excess of 140 degrees Fahrenheit; ensuring that pathogens and weed seeds are destroyed. The windrows are mixed, watered, aerated and turned regularly.

The compost is then screened and loaded in CGS's trucks for delivery straight to you and your plants. Unlike many suppliers, CGS's compost is not "Hot" and is fully composted so that you can place in your garden and begin planting immediately.

In Real Estate they say the 3 most important things are location, location, location. In gardening the 3 most important items to a healthy, nutritious garden (other than sun/water) is soil, soil, soil. The best way to have good soil is to garden with nutrient rich COMPOST! We do not provide the our clients low quality compost found in many big box mega stores but compost that has plentiful micro-nutrients and diverse, beneficial microbial life.

Good compost is the first step in making sure you have a successful edible garden. Your existing soil, top soil or bagged dirt do not form the excellent gardening foundation that high quality compost provides. Your soil is a living organism, you feed your soil and your soil feeds your plants. Nothing is more important than starting with high quality compost. Adding compost every growing season to “top off” your garden will make your soil thrive. After several years your soil will be worth more than money can buy and your plants will be the proof.

Awesome Gardening Tip- There is a lot to know and do to have a good edible garden. Gardeners need to understand disease, beneficial and non beneficial insects, how to plant, when to plant, when to harvest, how much sun, how much water, when to water, etc. At CGS we tell our clients that you can overcome a lot of gardening mistakes if you start with great compost such as the compost we provide. So basically good compost overcomes many ills. Get good compost, in our opinion it is the most important piece of the puzzle. You can do everything right in edible gardens but if you start with bad soil you are likely not going to be successful. So, start with good compost and the rest is easy.

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Calculate Your Compost Requirements

To determine the cubic yardage of compost you need for your own garden simply enter the length, width and depth of your rectangular raised bed garden for and diameter and depth for circular beds.

Note: There are 27 cubic Feet in a cubic yard. Currently a local big box store has .75 cubic foot non-organic manure compost selling for $1.97. So 36 bags (.75 Divided by 27) x $1.97 = $70.92. This is about twice the price more than our pricing for a cubic yard of Organic, Premium compost. This big box non-organic manure may contain antibiotic byproducts from animal manure and other non-organic harmful chemicals and substances. The bottom line is that our premium organic compost is much better for your soil, your plants and your health (in our opinion).
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