Custom Garden Solutions (CGS) is not in the garden business we are in the people business. We are in the business of providing our clients healthier and happier lives thanks to the custom garden solutions we provide.

Some purchase herbs, vegetables and other garden services from big box or online mega-stores. CGS clients, on the other hand, find that having an expert garden resource saves time, money and frustration when growing food in their yard, rooftop, restaurant, business, municipality or school. We get it right the first time..............Some suppliers are not garden experts. We are.

CGS specializes in providing all aspects of supporting your organic edible gardens including a wide variety of garden structure installations, herbs and vegetables, soil/compost/mulch delivery, irrigation systems, rain barrels, maintenance/services, Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA), education and training, gardening supplies, and many other services to help your garden produce and thrive. We also provide our herbs and veggies to restaurants, grocery stores and farmers markets.

Our goal is to make gardening as easy, cost effective and as fun as possible. Whether we handle every detail “hands-on” from planting through harvest, or we work side by side as guides throughout the season. We provide turnkey solutions where we “do it all” to a la carte solutions where we work with you on areas you need help. We provide families, schools, restaurants, businesses and municipalities “garden helpers” to design, plan, install and maintain beautiful organic edible gardens.

We have locations in Chicago, Illinois (Chicagoland) and Phoenix, Arizona (The Valley) area (and other areas where our services are desired).

Edible Organic Garden Installations

CGS creates, plans, project manages, installs, educates, provides maintenance and support for edible organic gardens on your yard, rooftop, restaurant, business, municipality or school.

Compost, Mulch, Soil Delivery Services

CGS offers delivery of our special blend of compost, mulch, soil and other related item by the cubic yard.


CGS offers a wide variety of herb/vegetable plants and seeds