Compost Calculator

Calculate Your Compost Requirements

To determine the cubic yardage of compost you need for your own garden simply enter the length, width and depth of your rectangular raised bed garden for and diameter and depth for circular beds.

Note: There are 27 cubic Feet in a cubic yard. Currently in Illinois a local big box store has .75 cubic foot non-organic manure compost selling for $1.97. So 36 bags (.75 Divided by 27) x $1.97 = $70.92. This is about twice the price more than our pricing for a cubic yard of Organic, Premium compost. This big box non-organic manure may contain antibiotic byproducts from animal manure and other non-organic harmful chemicals and substances. The bottom line is that our premium organic compost is much better for your soil, your plants and your health (in our opinion).

Note that length and width are in feet and depth is in inches. Contact us 7 days a week for help.

Cubic Yards