Welcome. We are glad you are interested in a career with Custom Garden Solutions. We hope this is the first step toward a rewarding, challenging and enjoyable career with Custom Garden Solutions.

We look for many qualities and skills in the people who work for CGS. The ability to learn and apply new information, ethics, a high level of organization, strong interpersonal skills, resourcefulness and willingness to work as a team to name a few.

Regardless of an applicant's qualifications, we always look for one attribute in particular -- the ability to create high levels of customer satisfaction with our customers. We can train people about all about herb and vegetable gardens, irrigation, compost, pest and disease control and so on, but to have passion for customer satisfaction and pride in your work takes a unique individual. After all, our motto is “Gardens for a Healthier and Happier Life”. We need people who want to make our customers successful.

We get hundreds of resumes so share some information about you with us. Click on the “send email” button on the top of each web page to contact us.

Don’t worry, we take the right people and will educate you about the skills needed to be successful in these positions. Be creative, professional and even humorous. Include things like the position you are looking for, what professional skills or talents you have that will help you in your position and why you would be a good fit with Custom Garden Solutions.

Garden Installation & Garden Maintenance

If you are looking for a garden installation or garden maintenance position you might provide overview of the experience you have, types of gardens you have installed or maintained, types of gardens you would like to help us install or maintain, references from customers you have supported, etc. What makes you different or special? We have openings for installers who will assist in building raised bed gardens which can be made of wood, stone, metal or whatever our customer want (hence the name Custom Garden Solutions). Garden Installers will be required to lift wood/stone/metal garden objects, push wheel barrels, etc.. We also have openings for garden maintainers who water, check plant health, check for insects and disease, spray plants and diagnose overall garden health and provide solutions when needed. Valid Illinois Driver’s License/Insurance required.


If you have experience with many types of materials, are creative, dependable, professional and flexible you will find a happy home at CSG. Many of our customers require custom brick or cement solutions. There are some slight but important considerations when using brick or cement in garden but don’t worry, CSG will educate you on these special requirements when they arise. Full time, part time or contract work options.

Customer Support

If you are looking for a Customer Support position you might provide examples of customer success stories that you have been responsible for or involved in. Overviews of extraordinary, challenging or complicated accounts that you have supported and the special skills and tactics used to get the job done. What are your thoughts on how to provide world class customer support and how do you incorporate this into your professional customer support capabilities on the job.


If you are looking for a Sales position you might provide overviews of extraordinary, challenging or complicated accounts that you have won and the special skills and tactics used to get the job done. What makes you a professional sales person, how do you keep your professional sales skills sharp, what was the last book/video/recording that you read/watched/listened to that influenced your sales ability. This is an opportunity to sell you, illustrate your communication skills and allows us to start to get to know each other.

Custom Garden Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Good people are good people, period.

Custom Garden Solutions does not care what you look like, where you are from, what your politics are, what type of food you eat, if you are 18 or 98 years of age or who your favorite baseball team is (as long as it is the Chicago Whitesox, kidding of course).

Good luck we hope this is the next step to a happier more fulfilled life for you at Custom Garden Solutions.