4X12 Raised Bed Garden (Wood)

4X12 Raised Bed Garden (Wood)
Raised Bed Garden complete with the Custom Garden Solutions nutrient rich Compost Blend filled to within 2 inches of the top of the bed. One foot high (actual board height approx 11 1/4).

Click on image for a larger view. The ledge on the top of the raised bed in image above is an optional add-on.

Included with Garden Installation

  • Treated Wood (cedar upgrade or other wood type optional add-on).
  • Custom Garden Solutionís nutrient rich Compost Blend.
  • Initial garden design, site selection & one hour consultation including education on the plants, plant care and Q&A.
  • Initial planting with in season herbs and vegetables of your choice based on size of garden(optional).
  • Plant identification tags.
  • Garden Question Hotline (60 minutes).
  • YouTube video, newsletter and email reminders with tips, tutorials and other relevant gardening and nutrition news.
  • Access to other optional solutions such as irrigation, rain barrel, trellis, maintenance services, cold frame, fencing, referral program, etc.