Drip Irrigation (for 4X8 Raised Bed Garden Built By CGS)

Drip Irrigation (for 4X8 Raised Bed Garden Built By CGS)
Item# DRIP4X8
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Product Description

Includes Drip Irrigation System, Drip Emitters, Spray Emitters, Grid Irrigation Tubing, Micro Tubing,Pressure Regulator, Vacuum Breaker-Anit Siphon Backflow Preventer, Connection to customer existing spigot (within 50 feet of raised bed) with a Y connector so that you can still use your hose. Comes with a mechanical timer, automatic timers and app/web based timers are optional.

NOTE: This pricing is for an installation that occurs with a raised bed garden installation by CGS at the time of the initial raised bed installation. Pricing for installing irrigation at a time other than initial installation or on a non CGS installed garden will be provided separately as a custom quotation. This is due to travel, equipment staging, project management, site survey, scheduling and other related costs.