Raised Bed Shade & Hail Covers (4X8 Raised Bed)

Raised Bed Shade & Hail Covers (4X8 Raised Bed)
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Product Description

Easily removable protective cover for hail and shade. The covers can be left on all summer, or easily removed. These covers are great for locations with full sun or high heat because the material shades the sunlight. Options for shade cloth from 20% to 70% are available.

CSG will consult regarding your particular cover needs. For instance in our Phoenix region shade covers are more common and in our Chicago regions hale covers are more prevalent.

Special note for broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and other "cold weather" crops. We suggest also using an optional insect netting especially in the early stages of growth. Some of the shade and hail protection covers can also serve as insect netting.