Cold-hardy and moisture-resistant.

White Russian Kale Plant
White Russian Kale Plant
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21 days for baby greens, 50 for mature leaves; both dates are from setting out transplants. Here it is, the cold-hardiest, most moisture-tolerant Kale we have ever grown! White Russian is, as its name suggests, a pale Siberian variety, and it brings tender-sweet flavor to either gourmet baby greens (ready in just 3 weeks from transplanting!) or full-sized leaves. You're going to rely on this super-gardenworthy variety!

White Russian is a gently lobed, slender-leafed variety with a gray-green base and white veins. It reaches 2 feet high if allowed to reach maturity, but is flavorful and succulent even at a very young age. This makes it a great choice for kitchen gardens and gourmet dining.

White Russian is far more tolerant of damp soils and rainy winter weather than other Kales have been. It doesn't mind wet feet, making it far more suitable for winter crops. Frost improves its flavor, and even occasional flood conditions doesn't seem to faze it. If you live in an area where fall, winter, and/or spring are wet, White Russian is the Kale for you!

To prepare White Russian (though it is also tasty when eaten raw in salads), blanch it first, then use in soups, stews, casseroles, and side dishes. It holds up well to reheating, keeping its color and flavor nicely.

Begin the seeds indoors, transplanting when they have at least 2 sets of true leaves. Space the plants about 1 feet apart in sun-soaked, light soil (damp conditions are okay!). Frost only sweetens the flavor, and winter dampness is not a problem.